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0.6/1kV Unarmouered Low Voltage Cable to IEC60502 Standard CU/XLPE/PVC Cable

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Company Name:Shandong Huangtai Power Plant

CablesPower cable, control cable, building wire

Company Name:Shandong Zibo Fushan Power Plant

Cables: Power cable, control cable, building wire

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Company Name:

China Construction Industial & Engery Engineering co.ltd

Cables: Armoured cables, underground cables

Company Name:Wantai Decoration

Cables:single core wire, flexible cables

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Shandong dark horse Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Cables: XLPE insulated cable, building wire,flexible cables

Shandong Jinming Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Cables: Flame retardant cable, building wire,control cables

power cables 024.jpgblob.png

Jinan Yuxing Chemical Co, Ltd

Cables: Flame retardant cable,control cables

Weifang Bell Chemical Co.,Ltd

Cables: Flame retardant cable, control cables

power cables 028.JPGpower cable 005.jpg

State Grid

Hubei Electric Power Corporation

Bid Cables:Insulated overhead line

State Grid

Shandong Electric Power Corporation

Bid Cables:low voltage cables, Armoured cables

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