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0.6/1kV Unarmouered Low Voltage Cable to IEC60502 Standard CU/XLPE/PVC Cable

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PVC Cable 1.5mm2

IEC60227 300/500V 450/750V H07V-U H05V-U H05V2-U Single Core Solid or Stranded Copper Conductor PVC Insulated Non-sheath Cable Structure figure Application The building electric wire can be applied to the copper(aluminum)-core cables in the rated A/C voltage of 450/750V and the below power,...

pvc cable 1.5mm2/1.5 mm2 cable/3x1.5 cable

Product Description




1),BV Single-core and single-stranded hard wires

Usually used in the fixed occasion, section size bigger than 10mm2 is consisted of 7 copper wires and usually laying in the fixed buried conditions.

2),BVR Single-core and multiple-stranded flexible wires

Consist of 7 or more than 7 stranded copper wires, because of the flexibility, also called the flexible wires, usually laying in the conditions with too many wiring curve pipelines and it is more convenient for the electrician to get the wires through the pipeline.
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3),BVVB Flat-type wires with hard sheath

Consist of 2 or more than 3 BV wires, usually used in the house decorations.

4),RVV Wires with flexible sheath

RV is single core wire consist of more than 30 stranded copper wires.

RVV is flexible wire with flexible sheath, consist of 2/3 or more RV wires, RVV usually works as the power source wires of electric appliance and instrumentation device.


conductor                               Copper
Intersecting surface                               0.75/1/1.5/2.5/4/6/10/16/25mm
Jacket                               PVC





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